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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mother's heart attack

My mother had another heart attack last week, the doctor called it a lite one.
She is doing better and was able to go back to the nursing home the next
evening. She is still having some trouble breathing but over all is better.
At least this time she didn't torment everyone (nurses especially when she
had to spend the night). She actually acted very good. Before when she's
ended up in the hospital she has been a real pain in the back side!
She would not listen to anyone, she would cuss any and everyone, she would
also kick, hit, bite what ever she could do to get her way. There were a few
times she had to be strapped down because of the way she would act and the
things she would do.
The only excuse for part of it is because of the dementia, but also the other
reason is because she is just plain mean as hell! There is no getting around that!

For anyone that may be interested in information on heart attack I have added some on my other
blog at http://www.stepitupwithleslye.blogspot.com/ 
I just added some small tid-bits on strokes and cardiac arrest also, the web site to go to find out
more info is http://www.heart.org/  (American Heart Associate)