"American Indian the FORGOTTEN MINORITY "

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The People’s Grace

The people welcomed you with open arms,                                                        These pictures are from the
We fed you and showed you how to feed yourselves,                                         Wounded Knee Massacre
We showed you how to hunt and fish and what berries,                                      and Washita River
nuts, and the wild vegetables to eat in our lands.                                                 Massacre, and were
We shared our teepees, wigwams, longhouses, lodges,                                    commited by the 7th Cavalry.
our hogans, lean-tos, wikiups, pueblos, our earthen
homes with you.
We showed you how to make clothes from the animals
that you killed to stay alive and how to waste nothing.
We befriended you and helped you even when it went                     
against our nature.
We showed you how to be kind to mother earth and to             
pray to the Great Creator.
We showed that in our world we respected every living
thing and we were thankful for everything around us.
We wasted nothing, we used all and we thanked the Great
Creator for simply everything even the breath we took.

You come in not wanting to share but wanting everything
you saw for as far as the eye could see and then more.
You repaid us by stomping on us, massacring us, trying to
eliminate and eradicating us.                                                    
You repaid us by bringing us small pox, the fever, and syphilis,
by butchering our buffalo and letting them rot right where
you shot them.

By putting us in prison and places you called reservations,
by trying to mate with our women to breed out our kind and
make more of the white seeds, but you still weren’t happy
because of the half breeds you made.
You left your homes for the treatment you received in the
far away lands you came from, and instead of trying to
make a new start and learn from others and your past, you
had to bring your filth with you, you couldn’t leave it there.
You didn’t like the ways and the treatment you received
because it was so bad, but you in turn bring the same to us
and expect us to except it without a fight, why…you didn’t
so why should we?                                                                               
You broke our laws, our rules, gave us no respect. You said
you were Christians and doing Gods’ work, you said we were
heathens and we didn’t know better.

You took our children away from us and beat them into
submission, taking away from them their honor, their
heritage, their language, their beliefs, their families.
From the youngest and smallest to oldest and biggest,
you cut their hair and burned their clothes.
You mistreated, molested, raped, defaced, defamed,    
 tormented and tortured them and you did this in                             
all in the name of GOD!
Hard as your tried you could not totally exterminate us                             “Damn any man who sympathizes
from our lands and from your lives, so you then stole                                 with Indians!
our lands from us because you knew better, because you                          …I have come to kill Indians,
said we don’t need our lands, because you want what we                         and believe it is right and
had so you made treaties with us on how your going to                             honorable to use any means under
help us and what all your going to do for us but in order to                       God’s heaven to kill Indians.”
do all of this you have to take our lands.                                              ~Colonel John Chivington, U.S. Army
You had to put us on what you called reservations for our
own good, to teach us lessons, to punish us, to show us who
was in charge, to take the riches from the lands and not give
back, to starve us into submission and into your way of life
since you couldn’t kill us all off like you tried so hard to.
What was worse you were doing the biggest part of this in
God’s name, you confessed to be Christians and you had to
bring all of the People to Christ. You showed us that
Christ was something we wanted nothing of, if this Christ,
your Christ, was like what you portrayed then why would we
want something like that?

We were suppose to be the heathens, so vile in the way we
lived, so hostel and inhumane oh but…TRUTH BE KNOWN
we were the ones that had more morals, values, respect, honor,
love for our man kind, more feelings, dignity, sincerity and
courage to try and learn from others.

We were the ones that were then and still are today being so
severely mistreated, still having treaties broken to us! Still
coming in last in the race of life no matter what we try to do!
Ah, but don’t feel sorry for us…no don’t feel sorry for us because
the Great Creator knows the true people we are, yes he does
just as he knows the kind of people you are, he is the judge and
He will be making the judgment between the people’s grace
and the people’s greed!



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Practicing


      I started this girl back in 
     July and have just now
     gotten the chance to
    finish her. Well I will call
    this one finished, I think I
    will see just how many
    different variations I can
    do with her.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Practicing drawing again after so long!

Here are a few of my newer drawings I've done just trying
to get back into the feel of things. I'm still working on some
others but I did get these finished.

Doesn't seem like alot to most people but when you've been
away from drawing or doing anything else like this for so long
well it's hard to get back into it, especially when you already
have a very full plate as it is.

But I really miss being able to draw and paint, I did/do enjoy
it alot. Later I might add a picture of my painting I did several years
I do miss the time I had a one time being able to do what I
wanted like this, my drawings, writing, painting (I was just getting
into) and my making shawls and wraps, blankets such as baby  
blankets and throws. My writings I have more or less kept up
with here and there, more so than the rest.

I have often been ask how can you stay at home so much and
not go nuts? The answer is easy...I like myself and I can keep
myself very busy with what I like to do, not to mention with
what needs to be done.

If someone has a problem with being able to stay home, they
don't like staying home and start pulling their hair out to go
some where, that person has a very real problem with their self!
They don't like their self for what ever the reason. If you don't
like your self then that leads to other areas you might have
problems in. So stop and think about how you feel about your
self and why you feel the way you do.                                               

You need to love your self for you just like you want some one
else to love you, whether it be a best friend, a lover, husband
or wife, etc. Give your self a check up and ask your self some questions,
ex: Do I like being alone, and if I am alone am I ok with it? Do I
always have to be hurrying out the door to go some place or see
someone just so I don't have to be alone? Can I just sit here and
enjoy the time I have by my self?

Most people can not be alone, especially for any length of time!
This is very true and also very sad. You will find that if you can
handle being alone or by your self, you will be able to handle other
things that happen in your life. I know this sounds crazy but it is true,
stop and think about it.                                                                         

No to answer your question I'm not a doctor of any kind, not a
psychiatrist, nor a counselor of any kind either. I am just a person
that has over many years watched a lot of people around me and
observed actions, reactions, listened to what excuses were and
even my self. I went through what I though was not able to be alone
for a bit, but then I settled myself down, took stock and listened to
my self and the poor excuses I had for always trying to be around
another person. It was then I honestly realized, I'm not the
one that had to have another person around me, it was the other
people that needed to have some one around them.
By doing this, getting by my self and listening to my self I did learn
a lot about me, my self and I and I realized I am a pretty good, nice,
caring, loving, smart, funny, person and by understanding me help
me to under stand others on different levels better.

At any rate after rambling on for a bit, I hope I have made some
kind of sense to some one out there at some point.
Here are my little drawings now and I hope they are enjoyed
by some one.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Summer Gone

I really hate for summer to come to an end, I love all of God's beautiful
work with nature and all of the beautiful colors. The only problem I had
with summer this year was my allergies started acting up more than
normal and it did get hotter than it normally does even for Texas.

But I am looking forward to winter more now because I love my
fireplace and I am counting the days till I can use it. I guess I should
not be rushing through any of the days winter or summer, but I don't think
it's me rushing as fast as it is the time it self...it seems like I no more than
blink an eye or maybe even just turn around and BAM it's another week
or month that has just flown by. I am told this happens after you reach a
certain age! I use to think that was just a joke but I think I am believing
it more and more now.

I try to pick out certain things I want to remember most that happened
during the summer but it seems like I want to remember pretty much
everything for some reason, even having to take my mother or dad to
the hospital for what ever the emergency was.
I guess when a person does get older that you don't want to forget
anything for fear you will not have those memories to draw on when you
do get older or start to have trouble with your mind and being able to
remember your hopes, dreams, and the good things that happened to you
and the ones you love so much!

I also think that with my mother having Dementia and everything that has
happened to her, and my dad having memory troubles now that I'm scared
I am in for the same problems and I want to try and remember as much as
I can and hopefully be able to tuck those memories so deep inside that if I
do end up with the same problems as my parents that some how I will be able
to draw upon my deepest part of and pull out all of the beautiful memories
and they will sustain me through the roughest part of getting older or dealing
with Dementia, Alzheimer or strokes if I do have to go through any of those
horrible things.

Although I will not actually have my dad's health problems so to speak of
because I found out he really isn't my father, on the other hand I do not
know exactly what other health issues I will have as far as that goes.
Be that as it may you take what ya get I guess and do the best ya can
with it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010