"American Indian the FORGOTTEN MINORITY "

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
I hope each of your are able to spend at least some of the holidays with
your families and or friends.

I pray that God wraps his loving arms around you and keeps you and your
safe and blesses you in every way. I hope your health, your job, family,
friends, your love...what ever it might be all comes together for you and
you get the happiness you want.

I THANK OUR TROOPS/MILITARY that's in all corners of the world doing
their jobs for us, protecting us, keeping us safe from harm and F-R-E-E!
IS...OUR FREEDOM! And because of these BRAVE people and their families
we have out FREEDOM!

I pray God/Lord Jesus wraps his loving arms around each of them and blesses
each one and their families, that they are kept safe! I thank each of them for what
they are having to go through and the terrible conditions they are having to endure
in some areas. I thank each of their families for what they are doing and the HARD
SHIPS that they are having to go through also. I pray that it does get better for each
of them and that their loved ones come home safe to them.

I pray if you are by yourself this holiday season that you will remember you are loved
by some one out there.You might not know them yet but you will so please do not give
up! (But never forget that God/Jesus is always there for you and loves you deeply and fiercely!)

Most of all PLEASE remember the REASON for the season, not to buy as much as you
can for whom ever, or to spent/out spent on everything you buy, not to make yourself
look like a big shot, or go into debit (and make finances harder) /or more debit!

The reason is for "JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wild Hogs in the Trap

Today I went with my son and my dad to see the wild hogs that were trapped. This time there were several babies in with the others, one I think was the mama to some, maybe all of the babies. My son traps and sells the hogs or kills and butcher's them. My dad helps with the trapping sometimes, he thinks that nothing can be
done with out him...he is 83 yrs. old and it is hard for him to stay on the side line now. He can't stop doing what he does but he isn't a young man any more either and just can't give it up.

My son is holding one of the babies to keep it from getting out of the pin through the small spaces like a couple of the others did. They had gotten the others but a few of the babies loaded up in the trailer and were trying to load the babies.

Jerry held up another one so I could get a better picture of it. They are so cute but will bite you in a nano second and will go to the bone.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mayo Clinic able to keep American Indian and Alaska Native Program

Mayo Clinic Receives $6 Million Grant to Expand Outreach to Native Americans

By Michelle Tirado · 12/06/2010 · No comments

Health · The Mayo Clinic Cancer Center has received a five-year, $6 million Community Networks Program Center grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to further develop its cancer health disparities outreach within American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities.

The funding will help the Mayo Clinic expand its Spirit of E.A.G.L.E.S. program, founded in 2000. One of 18 NCI-funded special population networks developed to support culturally appropriate cancer control activities, it created a national consortium of about 200 members, which includes AI/AN community representatives and students, cancer advocacy groups and academic cancer centers.

As the program expands, it will focus on comprehensive cancer control, including translational research, clinical trials and continued community-based participatory research.

Specifically, the NCI grant will allow the clinic to conduct research in Alaska and Wisconsin, as well as help formalize the Hampton Faculty Fellows Program to mentor the next generation of Native American cancer control researchers.

The Mayo Clinic’s Native American Programs director (and one of only two American Indian medical oncologists in the country), Judith Kaur, M.D., said in a press release, “This grant will enable us to build upon the important community outreach and research that we have been dedicated to over the past three decades.”

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Favorite Singer!!!!

I heard this guy for the first time this wk-end, his name is Johnny Reid and so far every
song I have heard I absolutely love of his. The one below "A Woman Like You" is so
good and so is "Dance With Me" oh man but the top one I think is "Thank You"...
that song is GREAT! But as I said everyone I have heard so far of his are! Yep, I do
believe I have found me a new favorite singer in this Johnny Reid!!!!! You need to check out
"Darlin'," and "Love Sweet Love"...oh hell, just listen to all of them that is listed on Youtube.
His website is JohnnyReid.com

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cherokee Link Newsletter

CherokeeLink Newsletter
For The HTML Format of the Newsletter:

(Having Problems With The Links? Try this version instead.) http://www.cherokee.org/home.aspx?section=newsletter& Date=11/22/2010

AOL - 11/22/2010 Newsletter
Christmas is fast approaching, and it is time again to "adopt an angel" from the Cherokee Nation Angel Tree in the lobby of the W.W. Keeler Tribal Complex in Tahlequah. The public is invited to come out and adopt angels to help make someone's Christmas a little brighter. Get the details here: http://www.cherokee.org/NewsRoom/FullStory/3410/Page/Default.aspx

Do you use the transit system between Tahlequah and surrounding communities? The "Park and Ride" program makes it very inexpensive to commute to and from areas within the Cherokee Nation. See a complete list of communities and schedules at: http://www.cherokee.org/Services/437/Page/Default.aspx

Cherokee Nation College Resources department can help you find sources for funding including student loans, work-study programs and scholarships. Information on scholarships is available here: http://www.cherokee.org/Services/297/Page/Default.aspx

Wado! (Thank you)

Cherokee Nation

P.O.Box 948

Tahlequah, OK 74465

918 453-5000



***Cherokee Nation News***


Cherokee Nation Develops Virtual Library: 11/19/2010

(C) Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation is in the beginning stages of developing a Virtual Library of Cherokee Knowledge, a web-based system designed to provide Cherokee citizens and the general public access to a comprehensive digital space filled with authentic Cherokee knowledge related to the tribe’s history, language, traditions, culture and leaders.


Cherokee Nation Gives Angels a Merry Christmas: 11/19/2010

(C) Cherokee Nation

Christmas is fast approaching, and it is time again to consider adopting an angel from the Cherokee Nation Angel Tree. The 2010 Cherokee Nation Angel Tree event will kick off with a fun program in the lobby of the main tribal complex Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 4 p.m. The fully decorated Angel Tree will be revealed at that time and the public is invited to come out and adopt angels. There will be music, a benediction and refreshments. Those in attendance will be eligible for door prizes.


Nation Partners with Kenwood Community on Self-Help Project: 11/18/2010 8:10:00 AM

(C) Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation has partnered with the Kenwood Community Association the past few weeks to restore a local property that is much more than just a building to the Kenwood community. Cherokee Nation Community Services group awarded a Community Works grant to the Kenwood community in the amount of $40,000 for the restoration of their community building. This is a self-help project in which community members do a majority of the work with the help of Cherokee Nation employees and other volunteers.


Supreme Court Rules Districting Unconstitutional: 11/18/2010

(C) Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation’s Supreme Court has declared the latest plan to create council districts within the Cherokee Nation to be unconstitutional. The court ruled the districts as adopted by the Tribal Council did not meet the Constitutional mandate of having a “reasonably equal division of citizenship among the districts.”


Cherokee Nation Announces Changes to Sallisaw to Tahlequah Transit Route: 11/17/2010 2:08:00 PM

(C) Cherokee Nation

The KATS Tahlequah/Sallisaw route will no longer be running to Cherokee Casino-Tahlequah and the Cookson United Methodist Church. However, a new stop at the Cherokee Nation Environmental Protection building has been added to the schedule.


Cherokee Nation seeks riders for 2011 Remember the Removal event : 11/17/2010 9:06:00 AM

(C) Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Nation is accepting applications from students wishing to participate in its annual cross-country bike and history trek over the summer of 2011. Next year’s Remember the Removal ride begins the first week of June, and while that may seem far into the future, those wishing to participate in the ride need to apply and start preparing for it now. “It’s a 950 mile ride to teach leadership. Students learn about themselves through a vivid experience and learn to endure,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad Smith, who has twice participated in Remember the Removal.


Cherokee Challenge Supports Great American Smoke Out: 11/17/2010

(C) Cherokee Nation

While individuals across America are making the effort to stop smoking on Thursday as part of the Great American Smoke Out, people from across the Cherokee Nation and throughout northeastern Oklahoma are taking advantage of the Cherokee Challenge. While much of the focus thus far has been on getting proper exercise and combating obesity, another point is the danger of commercial tobacco use.


Ninth Consecutive Financial Excellence Award for Cherokee Nation: 11/15/2010 3:19:00 PM

(C) Cherokee Nation

For the ninth consecutive year, the Cherokee Nation has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association. This award is given only to those government institutions that have the highest levels of transparency and accountability. A panel of GFOA financial industry experts judges the annual reports of government agencies throughout North America and awards only those who are the most deserving the CAFR.




**** Other Links of Interest ****


Games - http://www.cherokee.org/home.aspx?section=culture&culture=games

Community Calendar - http://www.cherokee.org/home.aspx?section=calendar

RSS Feed - http://rss.cherokee.org/

Podcasts - http://podcasts.cherokee.org/

E-Cards - http://ecards.cherokee.org/


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Falmouth Institute is presenting Indian Country Training Summit

                                                         DON'T MISS THIS SUMMIT!

Join us next week, December 6-10, 2010, for our biggest training event of the year -- Falmouth Institute's Indian Country Training Summit, a week of learning, networking and fun at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

For detailed information about the Training Summit, Indian Board Members Conference or exhibiting at the event, please click here, or call 1-800-992-4489.

This dynamic conference is great for both seasoned board and council members, as well as the new members. Three general sessions and six unique and exciting workshops will provide you with important legal updates, new skills and valuable networking opportunities.
Join Falmouth for one or more of our 11 valuable public training sessions covering the following subject areas: construction, finance, gaming, governing, human resources, law, social services, and more!
Enhance your career and increase your earning potential. Prepare for the national certification coding exam by attending this brand new boot camp for tribal health professionals!

Sorry the images didn't copy over, but you can go to the Falmouth's website and get more info. http://www.falmouthinstitute.com/

Quechan Tribe Files Suit to Halt Massive Solar Project


By Michelle Tirado · 11/03/2010 ·
Alternative Energy, Federal Agencies, Law · Tagged: solar

The Quechan Tribe has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of the Interior in federal court in San Diego to prevent a major solar project in Imperial Valley from moving forward, as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune on Nov. 2.

The project, known as the Imperial Valley Solar Project, was approved by the federal government last month. Located 95 miles east of San Diego, the 10-square-mile, 709-megawatt solar farm will provide San Diego Gas & Electric with a significant amount of green power.

The 3,500-member tribe contends that the project will damage archeological sites and wildlife habitat, specifically that of the flat-tailed horned lizard, which has a part in the tribe’s creation stories.

Although the tribe voiced its concerns during the Bureau of Land Management project review, it says they
were “ignored by bureaucrats and not passed on to decision makers.”
The tribe is asking the court to overturn the Interior’s approval as well as for an injunction to keep construction from starting.

“Destruction or damage to any one cultural resource contributes to destruction of the Tribe’s culture, history and religion,” the paper quoted the tribe as saying in the suit.
The project, should it go forward, would create 900 construction jobs and, when complete, would provide power to 213,000 to 531,000 homes (when the sun is shining).

**(this article comes from the American Indian Report, I have enclosed it's web site above)**

Amazing photos of Storms/Tornados

 This is a wall cloud that has covered most of this city. (or neighborhood)
Would not want to see a tornado come out of this one.

  I definitely would not want to be standing at the end of that lighting strike. (WOW...WHAT A FEELING FOR SURE!) LOL
I like to watch lighting, it can be so beautiful with all of the different shapes it takes and how far it can go through the sky or down to the earth like it does. How several strikes can arm off of one big one at times and seems like it just takes up the whole sky. Of course being somewhere totally safe is something else again.

 I honestly don't know if this is a cloud bank/wall cloud or if it's the mouth of a tornado. It looks to me like the latter one for sure and it has a mighty BIG MOUTH OR TAIL which ever. At any rate it is very scary to me! This looks as if an F5 maybe or to me, but I'm not a weather person.

Now this one can and does speak for itself...this
tornado is HUGH and looks like something out of
a scary movie to me! I don't know which F classification this would be given, but it looks as if it would be at least an F4 I would think.

This cloud/storm came up while some sort of a school activity was going on. You would not have to tell me once that I needed to leave, I would already be gone...lol!

I do think all of these pictures are so amazing, and I did not take them but I think whom ever did, did a fantastic job of each one. This is what I would call being in the right place at the right time.
I hope you have enjoyed this photos, I like finding things like this and showing them to others, I know I don't get to see unusual, amazing, fantastic, weird, crazy or beautiful things that happens out in the world all the time unless someone is there to take a picture or to write about it. So I just thought I would let it be enjoyed by others also.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reported from the Cherokee Phoenix

November celebrates Native American heritage


TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – In 1990, President George H.W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November as National American Indian Heritage Month. Since then, proclamations such as Native American Heritage Month and National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month have been issued.

To celebrate National American Indian Heritage Month, the Cherokee Nation has held events the past several years, but this year it will focus on storytelling.

“The reason we wanted to do this is to celebrate and tell our story, educate our citizens and provide them with information, attributes, knowledge and share it with them,” said Todd Enlow, CN Leadership group leader. “The main focus of this year’s event is teaching our attributes and values through storytelling as well as teaching part of our history through stories. We’re sharing our culture and our wisdom through storytelling.”

In 2011, Enlow said the tribe plans to focus more on traditional games.

According to the National American Indian Heritage Month website, the search for Native American recognition, before 1990, started just as wanting one day to make known contributions Native Americans made to the establishment and growth of the United States.

For many years, many people and groups tried to gain acknowledgement of Native Americans. One person was Dr. Arthur C. Parker, a Seneca Indian. Parker was the director of the Museum of Arts and Science in Rochester, N.Y., who persuaded the Boy Scouts of America to set aside a day for the “First Americans.”

In 1915, the annual Congress of the American Indian Association formally approved a plan concerning American Indian Day. It directed its president, Rev. Sherman Coolidge, an Arapahoe, to issue a proclamation to observe such a day. Coolidge issued the proclamation on Sept. 28, 1915, which declared the second Saturday of each May as an American Indian Day and contained the first formal appeal for recognition of Native Americans as citizens.

The year before this proclamation was issued, Red Fox James, a Blackfoot, rode horseback from state to state seeking approval for a day to honor Native Americans. On Dec. 14, 1915, he presented the support of 24 state governments at the White House. There is no record on whether a national day was proclaimed due to his efforts. 
You can also go to the web site of   http://www.cherokee.org/  and  http://cherokeephoenix.org/   
to get more info!
I will be putting more info up here and there about this and our other holidays we have.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cougar in Northern Lights

    This cougar is such a beautiful animal and with the Northern Lights in it's back ground, it's amazing!
     (I DID NOT WRITE THE POEM) I am sorry I do not have the name the person that did.

Mountains in Montana

I just threw these in here cause I thought they were beautiful, I will do that from time to time!

The Tetons Mountain Range

                                     Snow water falls, I think these are beautiful!                                                            

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beauty Is

I think this is a beautiful saying!     

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not Undersdstanding God!

I know God has a sense of humor and I know God has a temper! I know God has his ways of making us understand when he is trying to teach us something or tell us what he wants us to do or not do even though he gave us the choice of free will. I know God does answer prayers and does not answer prayers (for our  own good). I know God has his way of disciplining us and he also blesses us.

But I am having a real problem with why does God lets people suffer that are sick and will not be getting well. Babies that are born so sick for what ever the reason, that will not live to be months, weeks, or even hours old before they die, mentally handicapped with sever mental and physical problems that might not have a loved one to help take care of them, that are left alone. Or the elderly that have alzheimer and /or dementia and get to the point that they can't understand what is going on, that they are in pain and can't tell anyone that they are and how bad it is.

I see the elderly people at the nursing home where my mother is at and what they are going through with the illnesses they have and 96% of them do not have any one that comes to see them, to check on them, to see if there is anything they need or would like to have, to just bring some little something to them. Even their families stop coming for the most part, they don't have time, or they don't want to see the family member in the shape that they are in, or they are just to lazy and or just don't care. Oh yes, or the ones that do come far and few between are coming to make sure if there is anything of property, money, or some kind of financial gain then they want to make sure they are the first in line to get what ever they can!

My mother and I are not close and never have been, and it's so ironically funny that I am the one having to take care of her...I said I never would that my brother or her family could, but what a JOKE that was! I still do not want to be the one taking care of her but my dad can not do it because he's not able to take care of himself let alone her too! So I am care taker of both my parents. My dad at this time is still able to live at home by him self (for the most part) but I don't think that is gonna be for much longer and he does not want to go to a nursing home!

My mother has dementia and is getting worse, she doesn't understand what is happening and going on much of the time, she is getting to where she is having trouble getting around physically and her speech is going down hill in a hurry. She is more and more now freaking out because she does not know where she is, she thinks she is lost most of the time and that dad are I won't be able to find her. She really starts to get bad when she doesn't see dad or me everyday and she will start fighting any one and every one and let me tell you she is still TOUGH...this old woman can and has beat the crap out of most the staff at the nursing home and ME!

But I also know the way she is and the way she was, well as far as being mean as hell that hasn't changed...
she was mean as hell before she got sick and is still mean as hell! What I don't understand is the pain she's in and with what she is going through in not knowing people, things, not able to remember anything or under standing, why is she having to go through this, especially at this point? There is not a lesson for her to learn, she's not capable of learning anything anymore. She is not going to get better or well, she is only going to get worse mentally, physically, emotionally and pain wise. She will get to a point to where she will not be able to move any more, not walk, not turn from side to side laying in bed, not able to sit up, will not be able to even eat any more. She will have to be fed through a tube and turned like a piece of meat to keep from getting sores.

My mother is not the only one that is or has to go through this and my question is WHY!!!!!

Why can't is she being kept around? Today I permed her hair for her after if finally got long enough to so it looked so much better now compared to what it looked like after that so called beauty operator at the nursing home got a hole of it and cut it...it was so bad, I have never seen a dog with a hair cut as bad as this was! It had big chucks cut here and there out of it and it also looked as if she even took some clippers and hit a few spots with them, then the top of her hair looked like a hit and miss 4 in. crook it mohawk. NOPE NOT LYING A BIT!!! So had to wait for most of it to grow out some to be able to cut it so it looked some what decent, and let it grow more and all together it has taken more than 2 1/2 months to get it so I could perm it, now next week or so I will get it trimmed up and she will will be looking so much better as far as her hair goes. But I did have to tell her that after this as hard as it was on her and to perm her hair that from now on it will have to bed cut short and kept like that, but not to worry because that other person would not be the one to cut it any more! Today was so hard on her that after I got thru with her hair she got into bed and went right to sleep. (It was very hard on me also)

Mother can't talk any more to where you can understand her or even for the most part know what she is even saying. She hasn't been hardly talking in a few weeks now, and there for about 2 wks she wasn't even really eating, but it seems like her appetite has picked up some and I am glad to see that. Dad and I were starting to get more worried about her. I do feel like she might be going down hill more and dad was talking to one of the nurses and they felt the same way as we do. But who really knows we do not, only God does when it comes right down to it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The People’s Grace

The people welcomed you with open arms,                                                        These pictures are from the
We fed you and showed you how to feed yourselves,                                         Wounded Knee Massacre
We showed you how to hunt and fish and what berries,                                      and Washita River
nuts, and the wild vegetables to eat in our lands.                                                 Massacre, and were
We shared our teepees, wigwams, longhouses, lodges,                                    commited by the 7th Cavalry.
our hogans, lean-tos, wikiups, pueblos, our earthen
homes with you.
We showed you how to make clothes from the animals
that you killed to stay alive and how to waste nothing.
We befriended you and helped you even when it went                     
against our nature.
We showed you how to be kind to mother earth and to             
pray to the Great Creator.
We showed that in our world we respected every living
thing and we were thankful for everything around us.
We wasted nothing, we used all and we thanked the Great
Creator for simply everything even the breath we took.

You come in not wanting to share but wanting everything
you saw for as far as the eye could see and then more.
You repaid us by stomping on us, massacring us, trying to
eliminate and eradicating us.                                                    
You repaid us by bringing us small pox, the fever, and syphilis,
by butchering our buffalo and letting them rot right where
you shot them.

By putting us in prison and places you called reservations,
by trying to mate with our women to breed out our kind and
make more of the white seeds, but you still weren’t happy
because of the half breeds you made.
You left your homes for the treatment you received in the
far away lands you came from, and instead of trying to
make a new start and learn from others and your past, you
had to bring your filth with you, you couldn’t leave it there.
You didn’t like the ways and the treatment you received
because it was so bad, but you in turn bring the same to us
and expect us to except it without a fight, why…you didn’t
so why should we?                                                                               
You broke our laws, our rules, gave us no respect. You said
you were Christians and doing Gods’ work, you said we were
heathens and we didn’t know better.

You took our children away from us and beat them into
submission, taking away from them their honor, their
heritage, their language, their beliefs, their families.
From the youngest and smallest to oldest and biggest,
you cut their hair and burned their clothes.
You mistreated, molested, raped, defaced, defamed,    
 tormented and tortured them and you did this in                             
all in the name of GOD!
Hard as your tried you could not totally exterminate us                             “Damn any man who sympathizes
from our lands and from your lives, so you then stole                                 with Indians!
our lands from us because you knew better, because you                          …I have come to kill Indians,
said we don’t need our lands, because you want what we                         and believe it is right and
had so you made treaties with us on how your going to                             honorable to use any means under
help us and what all your going to do for us but in order to                       God’s heaven to kill Indians.”
do all of this you have to take our lands.                                              ~Colonel John Chivington, U.S. Army
You had to put us on what you called reservations for our
own good, to teach us lessons, to punish us, to show us who
was in charge, to take the riches from the lands and not give
back, to starve us into submission and into your way of life
since you couldn’t kill us all off like you tried so hard to.
What was worse you were doing the biggest part of this in
God’s name, you confessed to be Christians and you had to
bring all of the People to Christ. You showed us that
Christ was something we wanted nothing of, if this Christ,
your Christ, was like what you portrayed then why would we
want something like that?

We were suppose to be the heathens, so vile in the way we
lived, so hostel and inhumane oh but…TRUTH BE KNOWN
we were the ones that had more morals, values, respect, honor,
love for our man kind, more feelings, dignity, sincerity and
courage to try and learn from others.

We were the ones that were then and still are today being so
severely mistreated, still having treaties broken to us! Still
coming in last in the race of life no matter what we try to do!
Ah, but don’t feel sorry for us…no don’t feel sorry for us because
the Great Creator knows the true people we are, yes he does
just as he knows the kind of people you are, he is the judge and
He will be making the judgment between the people’s grace
and the people’s greed!



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Practicing


      I started this girl back in 
     July and have just now
     gotten the chance to
    finish her. Well I will call
    this one finished, I think I
    will see just how many
    different variations I can
    do with her.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Practicing drawing again after so long!

Here are a few of my newer drawings I've done just trying
to get back into the feel of things. I'm still working on some
others but I did get these finished.

Doesn't seem like alot to most people but when you've been
away from drawing or doing anything else like this for so long
well it's hard to get back into it, especially when you already
have a very full plate as it is.

But I really miss being able to draw and paint, I did/do enjoy
it alot. Later I might add a picture of my painting I did several years
I do miss the time I had a one time being able to do what I
wanted like this, my drawings, writing, painting (I was just getting
into) and my making shawls and wraps, blankets such as baby  
blankets and throws. My writings I have more or less kept up
with here and there, more so than the rest.

I have often been ask how can you stay at home so much and
not go nuts? The answer is easy...I like myself and I can keep
myself very busy with what I like to do, not to mention with
what needs to be done.

If someone has a problem with being able to stay home, they
don't like staying home and start pulling their hair out to go
some where, that person has a very real problem with their self!
They don't like their self for what ever the reason. If you don't
like your self then that leads to other areas you might have
problems in. So stop and think about how you feel about your
self and why you feel the way you do.                                               

You need to love your self for you just like you want some one
else to love you, whether it be a best friend, a lover, husband
or wife, etc. Give your self a check up and ask your self some questions,
ex: Do I like being alone, and if I am alone am I ok with it? Do I
always have to be hurrying out the door to go some place or see
someone just so I don't have to be alone? Can I just sit here and
enjoy the time I have by my self?

Most people can not be alone, especially for any length of time!
This is very true and also very sad. You will find that if you can
handle being alone or by your self, you will be able to handle other
things that happen in your life. I know this sounds crazy but it is true,
stop and think about it.                                                                         

No to answer your question I'm not a doctor of any kind, not a
psychiatrist, nor a counselor of any kind either. I am just a person
that has over many years watched a lot of people around me and
observed actions, reactions, listened to what excuses were and
even my self. I went through what I though was not able to be alone
for a bit, but then I settled myself down, took stock and listened to
my self and the poor excuses I had for always trying to be around
another person. It was then I honestly realized, I'm not the
one that had to have another person around me, it was the other
people that needed to have some one around them.
By doing this, getting by my self and listening to my self I did learn
a lot about me, my self and I and I realized I am a pretty good, nice,
caring, loving, smart, funny, person and by understanding me help
me to under stand others on different levels better.

At any rate after rambling on for a bit, I hope I have made some
kind of sense to some one out there at some point.
Here are my little drawings now and I hope they are enjoyed
by some one.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Summer Gone

I really hate for summer to come to an end, I love all of God's beautiful
work with nature and all of the beautiful colors. The only problem I had
with summer this year was my allergies started acting up more than
normal and it did get hotter than it normally does even for Texas.

But I am looking forward to winter more now because I love my
fireplace and I am counting the days till I can use it. I guess I should
not be rushing through any of the days winter or summer, but I don't think
it's me rushing as fast as it is the time it self...it seems like I no more than
blink an eye or maybe even just turn around and BAM it's another week
or month that has just flown by. I am told this happens after you reach a
certain age! I use to think that was just a joke but I think I am believing
it more and more now.

I try to pick out certain things I want to remember most that happened
during the summer but it seems like I want to remember pretty much
everything for some reason, even having to take my mother or dad to
the hospital for what ever the emergency was.
I guess when a person does get older that you don't want to forget
anything for fear you will not have those memories to draw on when you
do get older or start to have trouble with your mind and being able to
remember your hopes, dreams, and the good things that happened to you
and the ones you love so much!

I also think that with my mother having Dementia and everything that has
happened to her, and my dad having memory troubles now that I'm scared
I am in for the same problems and I want to try and remember as much as
I can and hopefully be able to tuck those memories so deep inside that if I
do end up with the same problems as my parents that some how I will be able
to draw upon my deepest part of and pull out all of the beautiful memories
and they will sustain me through the roughest part of getting older or dealing
with Dementia, Alzheimer or strokes if I do have to go through any of those
horrible things.

Although I will not actually have my dad's health problems so to speak of
because I found out he really isn't my father, on the other hand I do not
know exactly what other health issues I will have as far as that goes.
Be that as it may you take what ya get I guess and do the best ya can
with it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm so excited on the one hand!

I am so excited but scared to death at the same time! There is a publisher that is
interested in my work and another that does want to publish my book and is also
interested in publishing my other two books. I told them that one is not for the
public but just for my grandkids, and they said that was one of the reasons they
wanted to publish it because it was for/to them and of what kind of life
I grew up in, the places I went, lived, and the people I met along. I told both
publishers that I would get back to them, I really had to think about all of this
because it was so unexpected to be honest about it.

I have actually had to put all of my projects on hold for a while which means
my writing and my art...drawing, etc; because of having to take care of my
mother and my dad both especially for over a year, and trying to work a full
time job (which I have my own small business) and trying very hard to get it
up and going good has been so very hard for me! Not having any help hasn't
helped any either. I do have kids, but they have their families and full plates
of their own. If I do have to ask for help of course any one of them are to help
me but I try very hard not to ask for help from them. These are my parents not
my kids. I do have an aunt, she is my dad's sister and she has her own plate full
but if I were to call she would come running. My mother's side of the family is
a joke, they wanna know what's in it for them! I also have a brother.
There are some friends of my dad's that have helped me some but I hate asking
them too much for anything. I must say though they have been there when ever
I have had to ask and I am so grateful to them.

I like very much the type of work I do, I wish I hadn't gotten started in it so late
in life. I don't know if it's really where I'm suppose to be at this time in my life...but
I have been told by many that I am where I'm suppose to be at this time and it's
where God wants me. Don't know if that's true or not. I do know if I was where I
so wanted to be it would be up in the mountains in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana,
(really love it up in there) but Idaho would be ok with me too, even though I'm not
as familiar with it as I am the other states. Also New Mexico I'm very familiar with
and like it also up in the mountains there, New Mexico holds a special place for me
because it is where my husband was killed in a car accident. I have lived in Colorado
for a while and traveled thru the other states several times in my life, not to mention
all thru the southwest and northwest plus the rest of the lower 48.

I know I need to get a handle on things but at this time not quite sure how, I get
so frustrated with having so much on my plate and so much of the time it's very
over whelming. Taking care of two house holds, both parents, me and trying to
work full time and running to doctor appts. for both parents ( and my dad's doctor
appts. are all 2 1/2 hrs one way if the traffic is good).

I am excited about maybe having or getting a book published, I mean who wouldn't
be, but as I said it is very scary too. All I can do at this point is keep praying for help
from the GOOD LORD and asking for his BLESSING, even though I feel sometimes
he isn't listening to me, I know in my heart he is!
It's so funny because I have some friends and family that think there is no way that
I COULD HAVE A BOOK PUBLISHED...wouldn't that be a kick in the butt for them
if or WHEN I do! *LOL*