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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Family is what you make it to be.

Sometimes you need to walk away and let it go. When it's blood...family, more times than not that is very hard to do. But then you should ask your self, is it worth it to stay in this turmoil?
Is it worth it walking on pins and needles? Is it really worth having to go through all the crap you do just to try and keep it, the family together when it's so very obvious that the other family member/s don't really care one way or the other? When all that one member or members cares about is them selves and what they want, what they can do, what they can get? 

You try very hard to do the right thing, but what really is the "right thing?" There comes a time when you have to either suck it up and keep going on with all the drama...the B.S....the walking lightly, keeping your mouth shut and get more resentful, more upset, and let the other one/s keep you so tornup you get an ulcer, your nerves are shot and your health starts going down hill.

Is all of that worth it? Really...IS ALL OF THAT WORTH IT? You are the only one that can answer that! I know it says in the Bible that God says if you get hit on one cheek, turn the other cheek...but I also know GOD gave you a brain to use, you can take a step back or a step over to the side! It doesn't mean you have to be rude, hateful, ugly or even down right nasty. But you can stop being clobbered so to speak, take that step back! Think about the whole situation and ask your self "is it really worth all of this?" Sooner or later your going to have to take a stand or be consumed totally up by it all, and then what? It just goes from bad to worse!

A family made up of blood members is GREAT, but when you can't have that kind of family for what ever the reason, then make a family out of what you do have...more times than not friends make the best kind of family. Think about it, your friends already know how you are, your likes and dislikes, how crazy you might be or boring, and they are still your friends! They love you anyway because they are still there for you, (most already believe or feel they are part of the family anyway). Don't believe it, well ask them and see what they say. To them you are all ready a part of their family!

Doesn't mean you're a bad person if you don't want to be around other family member/s that are
total jerks. You don't have to continue to be treated the way they treat you.Who knows maybe one day they will wake up and realize what type of jerk they've been and want to do better.
We can always hope and pray for that, but if it doesn't happen at least you're not in all the garbage and you're around people you love and care about and that love and care about you!