"American Indian the FORGOTTEN MINORITY "

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Lord's Prayer in Choctaw language

The Lord's Prayer is in the Choctaw language. I added it because the Lord's Prayer in any language 
is beautiful! 

This Choctaw Prayer is about the track of the sun going across the sky leaves a message.
Illuminating, strengthening, warming all of us who are here, It shows we are not alone.
We are yet alive, and this fire, as fire shall not die.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


                                            My Soldier

My soldier was a husband, a father, a son.
He was God’s child, my best friend and friend to many others.
He was loving, caring, passionate, smart, funny, respectful, truthful,
loyal, honest and the best friend that anyone could ever ask for.

He was so compassionate, had morals and values, and he was
very strong willed and strong mined.  He was playful, like to
kid and joke around, and he was so stubborn just like you would
think a man would be and could be, but he was also fair or would
try his best to be.

He loved God, me and his children, he loved his country and was
proud to serve for his country, his family and friends.

He was kind, considerate, bashful at times which was funny be-
cause he was bold, and so courageous . He never showed fear no matter
what the situation was, he had nerves of steel and a calmness that
was as eerie.

He could be so obstinate, and relentless. The temper he had was oh so real,
he was a force to be reckoned with when that temper did show. His dark side
as he would say, he had to be careful because of the damage that he could do.
I had seen him in action a few times…to tell that you had rather tangle with the
devil itself than with this man when he was in that mode.

Yet he could be so gentle and soft, and do as good a job as I cooking, cleaning,
feeding or changing a baby’s diaper.

No, he wasn’t a dream this man was totally real. He was the love of my life, my world,
my heart, body and soul.  He tried to do the right things and be the best he could be.

He believed in God, family, his country and our freedom. He gave his life to protect
what we had and his beliefs. Now he’s looking down from above with God’s arm around
his shoulder saying to him…“Good job soldier you made us PROUD!”

Jan 15, 2010

THANK YOU isn't enough to each and everyone that has served/fought and are still fighting/serving to keep America FREE!

It's not bad enough we have to fight others to keep OUR FREEDOM/AMERICA'S FREEDOM, but we have to fight our own government here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA for that right...our right to stay and be FREE! 

If we do not start NOW to stand together and tell or/and show the so called government, (the so called president in office now) then we might as well just wave the white flag and say you win. How can people just stand by and let that bleeping person do and get away with as much damage to us and the USA as he has been able to do? I'm talking from day one when he was installed to
the presidential position. His main goal has been to hurt and bring down us and America from the very beginning, and how sad is it he's been able to do with almost NO problem!